Online loans fast approval Philippines
Online loans fast approval Philippines

Loan Ranger PH - information about online loans, terms and conditions, customer reviews.

Loan Ranger Cash Loan Review

LoanRanger allows you to access funds online in the Philippines whenever necessary. For the initial borrowing, individuals can avail themselves of up to Php 10,000. The loan duration can extend up to 3 months. Successful and timely repayment of the initial loan can result in an increased loan limit.

Applying for a loan in LoanRanger

Utilizing LoanRanger Philippines, Filipinos can effortlessly access financial solutions tailored to their requirements. The application process takes as little as 15 minutes, and if an application is not approved, individuals have the option to try for another loan. Once approved, the requested funds will be deposited into their bank accounts.

Applicants have the flexibility to choose their desired loan amount, with a minimum of PHP 3,000 pesos and a maximum of PHP 10,000. The minimum loan term spans 30 days, and the daily interest rate stands at 0.65%.

Prospective LoanRanger Philippines applicants are required to possess a bank account and a stable source of income. Additionally, they must be Philippine citizens aged between 18 and 55. Verifying the applicant’s income can be facilitated through a screenshot of online banking or a bank statement.

Term 30 - 90 days
Rate 0,65% per day
Amount (PHP) 3,000 - 10,000
Age of borrower 18+ years

LoanRanger Philippines, a duly registered company in the Philippines, operates under the regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission, having successfully completed all mandatory inspections. This attests to its status as a secure and legitimate lending entity, having obtained the requisite governmental approval.

With LoanRanger Philippines, borrowers have the flexibility of various repayment options, including monthly plans or installment payments. The funds can also be utilized to address unforeseen expenses.

Utilizing algorithm-based financial products, LoanRanger Philippines provides a loan calculator to assist users in determining their borrowing capacity. The platform also offers diverse repayment alternatives, including revolving loans.

As a proud member of the First Digital Finance Group, LoanRanger is a contemporary fintech company headquartered in Manila, Philippines. Founded by a team of international consulting and banking professionals, the company leverages artificial intelligence and digital technologies to facilitate easier access to the loan market for Filipinos.

Paying off debts

It serves as an excellent means to generate additional funds for unexpected situations or to enhance your business operations.

The primary form of this loan is an online installment loan, typically with monthly payments due on the same day each month. However, borrowers enjoy flexibility, and the outstanding feature is the adjustable interest rate, allowing for early loan repayment.

Beyond conventional credit card and cash advances, Loan Ranger introduces a novel service named BillEase. Accessible through a mobile app since November 22, 2021, customers can conveniently apply for loans on the go and even utilize the service for making purchases at Lazada.

For those seeking a reliable online loan with monthly payments, the search ends here. Applying for a loan takes just five minutes, and responses are provided in as little as 24 hours. Additionally, individuals can opt for loan updates via phone.

Loan Ranger operates under the First Digital Finance Group, a fintech company registered with the SEC. Leveraging artificial intelligence and digital technologies, they deliver a range of financial products and services. Their authenticity is certified with a registration number of no less than 1101. In summary, securing an online loan with monthly payments in the Philippines is most efficiently accomplished through Loan Ranger, backed by an exceptional customer service department that simplifies the loan claiming process.

Payment options

Obtaining a loan from LoanRanger Philippines offers a swift solution to financial challenges. Not only can they furnish funds of up to 10,000 PHP, but they also present a diverse array of payment options.

To initiate the process, you must first determine the required amount. Once decided, gather your documents, including income and identity information—a standard prerequisite for most online lending entities. Timely repayment is crucial to avoid late payment fees.

Loan Ranger Philippines, a relatively new player in the lending industry, expeditiously provides financial services to Filipinos. Their versatile payment options encompass loanable amounts for up to 3 months, featuring a daily interest rate of 0.65%. Funds can be seamlessly transferred to a bank account and utilized for various purposes, such as medical expenses or special purchases.

Employing Big Data analytics for customer scoring, Loan Ranger facilitates online loan applications. Their managerial team is equipped to assist in debt closure or issue resolution, with the potential for application approval in as little as an hour. Moreover, Loan Ranger ensures transparent and sensible loan choices for applicants.


Opting for a loan may prove advantageous for some individuals, yet it often comes with considerable costs. Loan Ranger Philippines emerges as a viable solution for those in need of prompt cash, delivering not only financial assistance but also exemplary customer service. Despite being a relatively recent addition to the lending sector, this microfinance company has adeptly mastered the art of providing swift and efficient financial services.

Their loan options feature a monthly administration charge of 4%, and the application process can be conveniently completed online, requiring basic personal details. Verification of a valid bank account and identification is part of the approval process. Upon approval, funds are swiftly transferred to the borrower’s bank account, with repayment options available through paychecks or the use of a bank debit card.

Loan Ranger Philippines keeps a keen eye on trends in the Philippine financial market, positioning itself as the optimal choice for Filipinos facing financial challenges. Tailored to address unforeseen expenditures, their lending service offers diverse options with transparent fees. Furthermore, being part of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 underscores their commitment to responsible lending. Loan Ranger provides small cash loans ranging from $200 to $2,000 to assist customers in managing unexpected expenses.

The user-friendly website of Loan Ranger simplifies the loan application process and features a Financial Counsellor’s hotline available from 9:30 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. The site serves as an informative hub, offering details about microfinance and the range of loan products available. Visitors can utilize the loan calculator to determine the most suitable loan, including the amount they can borrow and associated costs.

Loan Ranger App

Loan Ranger Loan APP represents a state-of-the-art mobile application that enables you to apply for loans from the comfort of your home. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you gain access to a diverse array of loan options tailored to meet your specific needs.

Gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork and enduring long queues at the bank. The LoanRanger Loan APP streamlines the loan application process, offering a hassle-free and convenient experience.

A notable feature of the Loan Ranger Loan APK is its user-friendly interface. The app is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring that even those less familiar with technology can apply for a loan effortlessly. In just a few straightforward steps, you can submit your loan application and receive a decision within minutes.

Pros and Cons

Loan Ranger stands as a prominent financial institution in the Philippines, providing swift and convenient loans to individuals in urgent need of cash. With its streamlined application process and adaptable repayment choices, Loan Ranger has gained popularity among those confronting unexpected expenses or emergencies. However, like any financial product, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered before opting for a loan with Loan Ranger.


  • Quick and Convenient: A major advantage of Loan Ranger loans lies in the speed and convenience of the application process. By offering an online application option, Loan Ranger eliminates the need for extensive paperwork and time-consuming visits to physical branches. The entire process can be effortlessly completed from the comfort of one’s home, saving both time and effort.
  • Flexible Repayment Options: Loan Ranger provides borrowers with the flexibility to choose a repayment plan that aligns with their financial situation. Whether opting for a shorter repayment period with higher monthly installments or a longer period with smaller installments, Loan Ranger empowers borrowers to tailor their loans according to their needs.
  • No Collateral Required: Loan Ranger’s loans are unsecured, alleviating the need for borrowers to provide collateral. This is particularly advantageous for individuals without valuable assets to pledge. By eliminating the collateral requirement, Loan Ranger facilitates broader access to funds.
  • Transparent and Competitive Interest Rates: Loan Ranger is recognized for its transparent fee structure and competitive interest rates. Unlike some lenders, Loan Ranger discloses all fees and charges upfront, ensuring transparency. Additionally, the institution endeavors to provide competitive interest rates, enhancing affordability compared to other market lenders.


  • Limited Loan Amount: While Loan Ranger excels in providing quick and convenient loans, a drawback is the restricted loan amount available. Loan Ranger typically offers smaller loan amounts compared to some other lenders, making it less suitable for those in need of larger loans.
  • Higher Interest Rates for Riskier Borrowers: Despite aiming for competitive interest rates, Loan Ranger’s rates may vary based on creditworthiness. Borrowers with less favorable credit histories may be subject to higher interest rates, potentially making the overall cost of the loan more expensive.


To make the loan process easier for you, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions about Loan Ranger loans in the Philippines. Read on to find answers to your queries and learn how Loan Ranger can support you in your financial journey.

What is Loan Ranger?

Loan Ranger is a trusted online lending platform that offers quick and hassle-free loans to Filipinos. Provide short-term loans that are specifically designed to help you during emergencies or when you need immediate access to funds.

How does Loan Ranger work?

Applying for a loan with Loan Ranger is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is visit our website or download our mobile app. Once there, you can choose the loan amount and repayment term that suits your needs. Fill out the online application form and submit the required documents. Once approved, the funds will be transferred directly to your bank account.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for a Loan Ranger loan, you must be a Filipino citizen, aged between 18 to 60 years old. You should have a stable source of income and a valid government-issued ID. We also require a mobile number and an active email address for communication purposes.

How much can I borrow from Loan Ranger?

Loan Ranger offers loan amounts ranging from ₱3,000 to ₱10,000, depending on your eligibility and creditworthiness. The loan amount may vary based on your income and repayment capacity.

What is the repayment term?

Loan Ranger offers flexible repayment terms, ranging from 30 to 90 days. You can choose the repayment term that best suits your financial situation. It is important to note that shorter repayment terms may have higher interest rates, while longer repayment terms may result in lower interest rates.

How quickly will I receive the loan funds?

Loan Ranger is committed to providing fast and efficient loan disbursement. Upon loan approval, the funds will be transferred to your bank account within one business day. However, the actual time may vary depending on your bank and the processing time of interbank transfers.

What are the interest rates and fees?

Loan Ranger applies competitive interest rates and fees. The interest rate is calculated based on the loan amount and repayment term you choose. We are transparent in providing all the details regarding interest rates, fees, and repayment amounts before you finalize your loan application.

Can I repay my loan early?

Yes, you have the option to repay your loan early. Loan Ranger encourages responsible borrowing and rewards borrowers who can repay their loans ahead of schedule. By doing so, you can save on interest charges and improve your credit standing.

What happens if I am unable to repay my loan on time?

If you are unable to repay your loan on time, Loan Ranger advises you to contact our customer support team immediately. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we are here to help find a suitable solution. However, late repayments may be subject to additional fees and charges.

Is Loan Ranger safe and secure?

Loan Ranger prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information. We utilize industry-standard encryption and security measures to ensure that your data is protected at all times. Rest assured that your information is in safe hands.